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    Dirección: C/Blanquers, 124 - 43800 Valls - España
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Coribérica Sanitaria, sl is a privately owned company born on the 2nd of November of 2007. We represent a new generation of companies, based on efficiency and having among their product line items which are carefully selected and manufactured before placing them on the international market. Our products have first of all a predominated quality factor but made competitive due to our organization and low profit margins, with a not less important sales service.

Each of our product lines has been introduced based on the request we have received and tried to satisfy from many countries belong to different continents, obtained trough our constant travelling and international presence on exhibitions such as Medica Düsseldorf and Arab Health Dubai.

The Coriberica Sanitaria team has an experience on the international and national market of over 15 years and has been at al times very up to date on introducing every year new items, mainly disposables and satisfying new needs into the health care market. At present time we work in Spain with a sales force of 15 people and local dealers throughout the peninsula and islands, and worldwide we are actively present in 25 countries.

Coribérica Sanitaria’s most competitive product lines are:

  *   Surgical scrub brushes (with or without antiseptic soap solution)

  *   Surgical face masks of high quality including products (classified under Class IIR – fluid resistance)

  *   Laryngoscopes

  *   Anti-embolism compression stockings for hospital use.

  *   Gel positioners for operating tables

  *   Nursery disposables; Intra venous supports, limb holder restraints, arm immobilizers, etc…

Having reached this point of our short company presentation we are very enthusiastic in willing to find new companies sharing with us this project, so we can to demonstrate the efficiency of our company, making you witness of our way of working.

With our best regards,

Bart Janssens